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Going from oh no, to OH YES!

Disclaimer: All information and content provided herein in any form or manner is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, nor shall it establish any kind of doctor- patient/client relationship with the publisher of this content. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of anything in contained herein.

The crazy ‘honeymoon phase’ is usually considered to be the best phase in any relationship. However, the effortless lust two people have for each other evaporates with time. The physical beauty of a woman or a man, be it her beautiful curves or his impressive physique, can be influential only for a limited period of time. It is at the end of this honeymoon phase or this phase of effortless lust that a real relationship begins, where you have to make the choice between effortful love or a lifetime of resentment (or a third option of separation). It is at this very important juncture, that the roads diverge to either oh no or OH YES! One road leads to a place where all your partner’s flaws are perpetually highlighted in front of you and it’s all you can see. These flaws always existed but you never noticed them during the honeymoon phase. Now they are all you can see. Here, everything is a bigger issue than it is. It could be their personality, their mannerisms, or their physical flaws. You would use anything to justify the fact that a mistake has been made. Down the other road, it’s a different story. The fiery passion may have come down but you are happy in the comfort and security of familiarity. Love and Intimacy aren’t all about sexual attraction that erupts naturally every time two people see each other. It’s a fire that needs constant stoking to be kept alive. It requires ‘effort’ – the most underrated sexual quality that beats physical attributes any day. The effort involves having open conversations, understanding, and acceptance.

Conversations are the cornerstone of intimacy.

There is no singular universally accepted method of being good at sex. You cannot please your partner if you do not know what it is that pleases them in the first place. You need to talk to understand each others’ desires and more important than that, you need to talk to understand what each others’ insecurities and fears are. It is during sex that human beings are most vulnerable. It is not just their bodies that they lay bare in front of one another, but also their flaws. And everyone has flaws.

Sex may not be the ‘be all and end all’ of the love and intimacy between two people. But if the latter is fire, then the former is gasoline. And it sucks when you run out of gasoline. There can be any number of reasons why sex disappears in a relationship. If you go down the wrong road when the honeymoon phase ends, it could either be that you are in an incompatible relationship or it could be that you simply lack communication and don’t understand what each other wants. It is important to figure out which. As long as you aren’t trapped in a loveless relationship, a sexless relationship can always be resurrected. That is why inticure exists in the first place. Matters like loss of libido, lack of sexual arousal, inability to get an erection, inability to get wet, inability to last long, performance anxiety, body image issues, and insecurity about penis size are all trivial matters as far as we are concerned because we know how to cure them. It’s just a matter of asking us. How big of an issue these things are to you and your partner depends on the level of communication and understanding you have with each other. It depends on the effort you are willing to take for each other. It depends on how much you love each other. That ‘love’ has nothing to do with sex. If that love is absent, these issues will always seem bigger than they really are. The people who care enough to put effort into preserving the love and intimacy they share can rest well because any shortcomings in their sex lives if at all there are any, can and will be easily taken care of by yours truly, the medical inticure team.

At the end of the day, it’s the openness, honesty, and transparency with regard to wants and desires, the understanding and acceptance two people show each other, and the efforts both take to make life easier, happier, and more fulfilling for each other, that takes them from a place of ‘oh no, to OH, YES!’. As long as you realize this, everything else is treatable. Rest assured knowing that inticure is always on standby, gasoline in hand!

With pleasure, Team inticure

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