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At inticure, we don’t just treat your symptoms. Our medical experts will identify the root cause(s) of your issues and formulate a treatment for you.

Our holistic treatment approach involves a combination of consultations with multi-disciplinary specialists, prescription and non-prescription medications, counseling, therapy, and much more.

At inticure, your first consultation with one of our expert doctors is absolutely free. Yes, you read that right. FREE. Based on your assessment, medical history, and the doctor’s consultation with you, they will guide you to the appropriate specialist(s) for your issues.

Best of all, we are a 100% telehealth consultation platform. You can consult with our doctors online in the comfort and privacy of your desired location.


"What you share at inticure, stays at inticure!"

~ Don Thomas, CEO inticure

We Promise You

Our specialists are non-judgemental, empathetic, and kind and will always treat you with respect. They will listen to you and most importantly, understand you.

Rest Assured

No matter what sexual health or mental wellness issues you are facing, our world-class doctors and licensed medical experts will do everything they possibly can to take you from oh no, to OH YES! Like a trusted friend, we will be there all through your journey.

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