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Sleep Issues

Difficulty falling asleep at night? Not able to stay asleep long enough through the night? Keep waking up throughout? Finding it difficult to get an erection? Partner complaining of your snoring?

Did you know that not getting enough sleep can actually affect your sex life? Oh yes, it is true! Studies have shown that lesser and poor quality of sleep leads to a lower sexual response in women and irregular menstrual cycles resulting in problems with ovulation. Poor quality of sleep in men can cause a drop in testosterone levels which impacts your desire and ability to have sex. Additionally, lack of adequate sleep harms the quality of the sperm leading to infertility issues. 

Good sleep is crucial for better sex just as sex helps with better sleep! So let the sleep specialists at inticure help you fall asleep so that you can rise up to a healthy sex life.


At inticure, we don’t just treat your symptoms. Our medical experts will identify the root cause(s) of your issues and formulate your treatment. Our holistic approach may involve consultations with multi-disciplinary specialists, prescription and non-prescription medications, counseling, therapy, and much more. Rest assured, no matter what issues you are facing, our world-class doctors and licensed experts will take you from oh no, to OH YES!


If you are experiencing one or more of the below symptoms or concerns, start your journey with us

*Our ‘Suggested Specialists’ is just a guide and does not mean that your issue will always or only require intervention from the suggested specialists. After your assessments and consultations, our doctors will recommend the appropriate specialists.

Inability to get and keep an erection long enough for sexual intercourse

Urologist, Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Lifestyle Specialist, Sleep Specialist, Clinical Dietician

Chronic snoring

Sleep Specialist

Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep long enough


Sleep Specialist, Lifestyle Specialist, Psychologist

Concerns with being overweight or underweight




Clinical Dietician, Lifestyle Specialist, Sleep Specialist

Lack or low desire for sexual intercourse

Psychiatrist, Urologist (M), Sexologist (M), Gynecologist (F), Psychologist, Lifestyle Specialist, Clinical Dietician

Feeling stressed, anxious, lost, confused or depressed in general

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Lifestyle Specialist, Sleep Specialist

Feeling tired throughout the day even though you slept at least 7 hours the night before


Sleep Specialist, Clinical Dietician

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