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Are you sex positive?

You’ve heard about being Covid-positive or HIV-positive. Have you ever wondered if you are Sex Positive? But sex is not a disease! Then what does it mean to be ‘Sex Positive’?

Sex Positivity simply means ‘to have a positive outlook on matters related to sex’.

Unless you have consciously taken a vow of abstinence for religious or occupational reasons, an unfulfilled sex life can be frustrating and have a negative impact on your life. It’s possible for one person in a relationship to be satisfied and be completely unaware that their partner is unfulfilled and suffering. It could be a problem of incompatibility, a hidden psychological problem, or an outright physiological problem. Whatever it may be, the larger problem at hand is that people would rather suffer in silence than address it to find a solution.

Such people should understand that hiding these insecurities and pretending that they don’t exist isn’t as foolproof a plan as they might think. Repressed emotions tend to express themselves in other ways in life and they never notice it. For instance, men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) tend to get more aggressive and short-tempered. They feel the need to overcompensate because of the self-perceived lack of masculinity associated with their problem. People trapped in loveless or sexless relationships act out by seeking out affairs or indulging in various other reckless behaviors. Some find solace in porn addiction and excess masturbation while others fall into the trap of substance abuse.

The ones who cannot find any vent at all just resign to general unhappiness and a grumpy existence making life harder not only for themselves but also for the ones they love. These lives are scattered all around us. We see the world around us sinking into apathy and general lawlessness with each passing day and can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be a better place if people just got laid more often. It’s just a different way of saying, “make love, not hate”.

Think about it. Who wouldn’t choose sex over violence if given a choice between the two? All those hooligans who chase after couples in parks on valentine’s day, all the homophobes that perpetrate attacks on the LGBT community, and all the soldiers who are engaged in wars in various parts of the world would lay down their weapons at the drop of a hat if they were presented with the prospect of having sex with a partner of their dreams without any catch or consequence, in that very moment. The sex-starved men who anonymously slut-shame women on social media would probably shamelessly jump at the opportunity to have sex with those same women. And all the women, if they were told that they could have sex with a partner they desire or love without ever being labeled as ‘loose’ or ‘a slut’, that these tags and all other forms of judgment are being wiped off the face of the planet, what do you think they would do?

Yes, they would have sex. Probably every day! And we’ll find that the sky doesn’t collapse or an invisible force doesn’t smite down on us immediately. Because sex is a good thing! And it is fun. It is the most exhilarating expression of intimacy between two people.

Whether you love to hate it or hate that you love it, admitting to yourself that you do love it, and that it’s ok to love it and that the next person loves it just as much as you do, is the first step towards Sex Positivity.

Conversations about intimacy, conversations about needs, conversations that cultivate a healthy and positive attitude towards sex, and conversations to create awareness – this is all that there is to Sex Positivity and being Sex Positive. Let’s have them now, let’s talk about it. And if you’re ever lost or in need of guidance, our expert team of Doctors and Professionals at Inticure are always here to assist you in navigating these conversations, treat your problems and take you from ‘oh, no to OH, YES!’.

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