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Hello Lifestyle specialist

Who are you?

At inticure, I am a medical doctor specializing in identifying the root causes of certain health issues and recommending lifestyle changes to help you with your sexual or wellness issues. I help people become better versions of themselves. 

OK, but what does that mean? What are some of the common conditions or symptoms you treat?
I treat some conditions like:
→ Low self-confidence
→ Obesity or other weight management issues
→ Stress
→ Mood or anxiety disorders

I might be seeing you if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms or concerns:

Depending on your condition, you may also need to consult other specialists besides me. I will let you know if you will need to do that when you talk to me.

After you complete your assessment and FREE initial consultation, our doctors will recommend the appropriate specialist(s) for your condition.

It may be me :)

Start your journey from oh no, to OH YES!


Addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs, and porn.
General concerns with your appearance
Weight management concerns
Low self-confidence
Inability to keep an erection long enough for intercourse
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