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When was the last time you talked about intimate issues like your sexual health?

Our holistic treatment approach involves a combination of online consultations with multi-disciplinary specialists, prescription medications, counseling, and more to take you from oh no, to OH YES!

Celebrate International Women's Day with inticure. Launching March 8th, 2024 

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Our Medical Advisory Board


Dr Anita Mani
Chief Medical Advisor, inticure

Sexual Medicine Specialist, IVF Specialist, Cosmetic Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, 25+ years experience


Dr. Haroon Pillay
Medical Advisor, inticure

Neurosurgeon, Experience in 16 major hospitals, 6 countries. Awarded Seri Laila Jasa for excellence in profession by the Sultan of Brunei

Mask group.png

Dr. John Panicker
Medical Advisor, inticure

Sleep Disorder and Snoring specialist (Somnologist)

Former Indian Medical Association President, MD, Santhwana Hospitals 

We provide you with a safe, private and
non-judgemental space.

We understand it can be hard to open up about sexual health problems without feeling judged or embarassed. Our medical specialists are here to help you feel more comfortable when discussing these issues.

How to get started

Here’s how we take you from oh no, to OH YES!


Answer a few questions to
schedule a free consultation
with one of our doctors.

Our doctors will dig a little
deeper to understand your
concerns and guide you to
the right specialists.

Our team of specialists will
help you address your issues

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